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Flamenco Castanets - Filigrana

Flamenco and Spanish castanets from "Filigrana", on this category you will find any type of castanets from begginers to semiprofessinal or professional castanets. Filigrana its a family company, Lucía Álvarez Vela is the granddaughter of Manuel Vela Martínez called "Filigrana", and during this three generations they have offered us the best hand made craft castanets in Spain, using the same old tradition. Manuel Vela was the first to used fibers to create the new spanish castanets. Most of the best flamenco dancer or for the greatest Flamenco Shows used this castanets Lola Flores, Juanita Reina, "La Chunga", Caracolillo, Manuel Vargas, Pilar López, Lola Flores, Marienma, Gitanillo de Bronce, Rafael "El Negro".

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