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Professional Castanets - Del Sur

Professional spanish castanets for dancing flamenco included into El Rocio's flamenco accesories

  • Fiber Castanets
    Fiber Castanets

    Fiber Castanets - El Rocio Flamenco accessories

    The fiber into the castanets has been incorporated to research and experimentation to improve the quality of the musical instrument. The fiber makes the sound of the castanets much stronger and increases the resistance.

  • Wooden Castanets
    Wooden Castanets

    Wooden Castanets - El Rocio Flamenco accessories

    Wood is the most recognized and experienced material in resonance and quality, there are differences between woods. Usually use high density wood as tropical woods as Granadillo, Ebano and Palo Santo wood.

  • "Tela" Castanets
    "Tela" Castanets

    "Tela" Castanets Pressed Canvas - El Rocio

    Cotton and resins of high quality in sheets of pressed fabrics, they have a high resonance and surround sound with characteristic timbre, it is a very durable and resistant instrument.

  • Fiberglass Castanets
    Fiberglass Castanets

    Fiberglass Castanets - El Rocio Flamenco accessories

    The castanets made of fiberglass are recognized for being resistant to changes in temperature and shock.