Castanets Accessories

Castanets Accessories 

Castanets Accessories

Castanets Accessories and all kind of complements, find in this section mutes or silencer for castanets, cases or thread castanets

  • 24,90 €

    Mutes For CastanetsRef. 923000300 The dampers is a silencer for castanets. It is an ideal place to practice with your castanets quietly and without disturbing anyone snap. These dampers fit all models of the castanets that we sell and are made of rubber and leather.

  • 3,50 €

    Castanets ThreadRef: 9222 Special Thread with the correct size for castanets, 100% cotton and long thread 40cm.

  • 18,00 €

    Castanets Case Ref. 9217Nice Castanets Case for keep save our castantes. All case are made in skin of lamb, protect from shock, heat and cold. We offer different colour case for combine with your castanets colours.