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Previous Collections 

  • Flamenco Dresses 2018
    Flamenco Dresses 2018

    Flamenco Dresses and skirts 2018

  • Girls Flamenco Dresses 2018
    Girls Flamenco Dresses 2018
  • Flamenco Dresses 2017
    Flamenco Dresses 2017

    Flamenco Dresses 2017

    El Rocio wants to take advantage in the new flamenco Dresses 2017 collection. On this section you will find the newest and lastest flamenco dresses trends 2017, for woman and girls. We will be on and we won't miss any famous flamenco fashion shows. This new year will start with "We Love Flamenco", 2017 will be his 5th annual edition. After that it will come "SIMOF" 2017, with amazing and new features on the catwalk also we will discover the newest and the joungest Flamenco designers. "Pasarela flamenca de Jerez 2017" celebrate this year his tenth birthday with a lot of surprises on the show. Our last flamenco show on 2017 its "Andujar Flamenca" that has become more popular year by year, This show is essential if you love flamenco dresses or spanish flamenco costume.

    Soon we will know the latest Flamenco trendy fashion with the news flamenco dresses, we hope that the new dresses still has streamlined design low-rise that shapes women’s figure. On 2017 everything seems that the ruffles will be the main characteristics on flamenco dresses and skirts. We will still find elbow sleeves with small ruffles on the edges. Big or small dots patterns are on most of the spanish costumes also flowes or stripes, even mixed dots with stripes dresses or plain and flowers printed. The main colours for 2017 are red, black and white, but as a novelty we will have green dresses, pink flamenco dots, purple skirt or yellow spanish costumes.

    El Rocio will be on the main flamenco shows to offers spanish dresses  manufactures its own designs and fabric styles and they are limited editions, only available in this website. Our new Flamenco dresses are designed by El Rocio and manufactured in Spain for our stores in Málaga and Granada and buy online. This year we have a large flamenco dance dress  selection with incredible value, made for Andalusia fiestas and popular worldwide.

  • Girls Flamenco Dress 2017
    Girls Flamenco Dress 2017
    Girls Flamenco Dress 2017
  • Women Flamenco Dresses 2016
    Women Flamenco Dresses 2016
    Flamenco Dress fashion collection 2016. A variety of high quality flamenco dresses, to show off this year in any event. El Rocio – Flamenco Costumes wants to introduce the best flamenco costume selection. Following the Andalusian costume tendencies 2016 our new designs are more stylish than ever combining details such as floral prints, dots and laces with low waistlines, elbow length sleeves, peak neck or round neck.
  • Girls Flamenco Dresses 2016
    Girls Flamenco Dresses 2016
  • Women Flamenco Dresses 2015
    Women Flamenco Dresses 2015
    Please search below through our selection of flamenco dance dresses, with a great choice of spanish flamenco costume dancing dresses, flamenco skirts, blouses and all kind of flamenco wear. Keep connected to our flamenco shop online and we will show you our newest flamenco dresses for sale, part of flamenco fashion 2016, with a variety of flamenco clothes and accessories.
  • Girls Flamenco Dress 2015
    Girls Flamenco Dress 2015
  • Woman flamenco Dresses 2019
    Woman flamenco Dresses 2019

    Woman's Flamenco Dresses 2019

    New Trendy Flamenco dresses season 2019, the new colection for woman, newest and lastest flamenco dresses trends 2019.We will be on and we won't miss any famous flamenco fashion show to offers you the best and actual spanish flamenco dresses.

  • Girl's Flamenco Dresses 2019
    Girl's Flamenco Dresses 2019