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Flamenco Shoes for Girls 

This section is dedicated to flamenco shoes for girls. In this category, you will find a great amount of flamenco shoes for girls, available in different types and in a wide range of colours for dancing flamenco and also for dressing up with the typical flamenco costume. You can find here the best prices and the most high-quality of these flamen...
  • Flamenco Shoes Suede with Nails
    34,90 €

    Flamenco ShoesSuede with Nails Ref:3703 Flamenco dancing Shoes heel shoes made of suede. This model has rubber soles and with steel nails in toe and heel. Specially designed for beginner dancers, because of its comfort and its extreme high-quality material. These safety shoes have been designed to fit with total comfort. This product is made in...

  • Flamenco Shoes for Girls
    14,88 € 17,50 €

    Flamenco Shoes Girls GITANILLAS Ref:11901 Flamencho shoes specially designed for girls and women. We have a wide range of these flamenco shoes in different colours such as red, white, black, pistachio green, orange, yellow, ivory or turquoise and light blue. They are made of sintetic leather with linning inside to make them more comfortable. These shoes...

  • Canvas Flamenco Shoes
    8,75 € 17,50 €
    Reduced price!

    Canvas Flamenco Shoes Gitanilla Ref:11905 New Canvas flamenco shoes for woman and girls, We have a wide range of these flamenco shoes for girls in different colours, for instance; they are available in black and beig. These flamenco shoes can be also combined shoes with a wide range of flamenco dresses, skirts, flowers or other flamenco accessories.

  • Flamenco shoes with polka dots for girls
    17,50 €

    Flamenco Shoes With Dots Ref: 11902 These flamenco heel shoes are specially deisgned for flamenco dress and skirts. The material is sintetic leather with linnig to make them more comfortable. These shoes have dots which add a cheerful  and flamenco appearance to the classic flamenco shoes for dancing flamenco or also for wearing with the typical flamenco...

  • Flamenco Boots with cord For Children
    24,90 €

    Flamenco Boots with cord For Children Ref: 11904Boots or campero boots with cord for children. This type of flamenco shoes has a rounded tip and presents embroidery by hand, they are ideal for romerias, campero costumes, horsemen and for the Camino del Rocío, although its evolution to our days means that we can make daily use of it with many clothes in...

  • Flamenco Boots For Children
    24,90 €

    Flamenco Boots For Children Ref: 11903These flamenco boots, also called "camperas" boots, are similar to cowboy boots and they are designed for little children for wearing with the typical flamenco costume. They are very warm and comfortable boots and they are made of brown sintetic leather also including a side zip for easier wear. These boots are...

  • Flamenco Shoes With Nails
    31,90 €

    Flamenco ShoesAmateur flamenco shoes with nails Ref: 3702 Flamenco dancing shoes with nails in toe and heel, specially designed for beginner dancers. Sorted in several colours such as black, red and white.  Their soles are made of rubber to make them more comfortable. These flamenco shoes are ideal for flamenco beginner dancers. Flamenco shoes made in...

  • Flamenco Greased Boots
    39,90 €

    Kids and Adults Ref:4001 These flamenco boots are hand made with high quality greased brown leather making them very confortable to walk and wear. Similar to cowboy boots these oiled campero boots are specially designed for children to wear with the typical flamenco costume. 

  • Leather Flamenco Shoes Without Nails
    30,00 €

    Flamenco ShoesAmateur flamenco shoes without nails Ref: 3709 Flamenco Shoes for those dancers who have just started dancing flamenco or for semi-professional flamenco dancers who are looking for a high-quality product in flamenco shoes. They are made of black leather. These flamenco dancing shoes it doesn't have nails in both toe and heel.

  • Flamenco Shoes For Babies
    17,00 €

    Flamenco shoes for little baby girls. These flamenco shoes are made of a very soft cloth and can be used for wearing on the street. They can be used to dress up little babies with the typical flamenco costume. The quality of this soft fabric will make your girl feel comfortable and wonderful. This model is available in many different colours.