Rhythmic Gymnastics Women / Girls

Rhythmic Gymnastics Women / Girls 

In this category you will find the complete catalogue of leotards for girls from the famous brand Happy Dance. This company has been creating thousands of products that are related to ballet dancing and classical dance for years.

  • 68,90 €

    Gymnastic fantasy leotard with square neckline and wide shoulder straps combined with coloured ribbons. It can be made in different fabrics and sizes from size 4 (girl) until size 44 (adult) , so its price can change. ?

  • 95,90 €

    Gymnastic leotard with skirt, polo neck and microtulle mozzeta. It can be made in different colours and fabrics. Available sizes from size 4 (girl) to size 44 (adult). Its price may change depending on this.

  • 60,90 €

    Dancing tights or leotards with a squared neckline. It features long sleeves with combined colorful bands. It can be made in different colours. Ask for the catalogue if you wish so.

  • 55,90 €

    Fantasy gymnastic leotard with long sleeves. Its combination can be made in different fabrics and colours, so you can ask for the colour chart. The price may change according to the chosen size and the fabric.?

  • 35,90 €

    Classic dance tights for those who are looking for a durable and flexible second skin. This colorful garment is available in different colours and tissues.

  • 64,90 €

    Special rhythmic gymnastic tights. Its design can be modified in a great variety of colours and combined so you may make your own proposal and we can send you the color chart.?

  • 85,90 €

    Rhythmic gymnastic leotard combined in microtulle with several fabrics. This colorful clothes can be ordered with the colors you prefer, so ask us for the catalogue.?

  • 109,00 €

    Gymnastic tights with combined bands made of different fabrics and colours. If you wish, you can change them as you prefer. Notice the price may change.?