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Flamenco Dance 

Flamenco skirts and dress for dancing - Flamenco Costume

Flamenco skirts for woman In this shop online of flamenco outfits for dance, El Rocío, you will find a broad range of flamenco dance items and dance clothes such as flamenco skirts, flamenco dancing skirts and flamenco dancing dresses, specially designed for women and girls. Besides, we h...

  • Flamenco Skirt For Women
    Flamenco Skirt For Women

    Flamenco Skirt For Women

    Find a wide range of flamenco skirts and flamenco dancing clothes for women, such as flamenco skirts for dancing (with ruffles, with polka-dots, in different colours and combinations) flamenco outfits and flamenco dancing dresses. In this category, you will find all flamenco items at very low prices, with special offers in flamenco skirts for women which you can combine with our broad range of body tights. Choose among all these types of flamenco dancing skirts and select your size.

    Its main fabrics are polyester or silk stitch which make these skirts very light and comfortable for dancing. These clothes for flamenco dancing are specially designed for semi-professional and professional dancers to wear them in flamenco dancing schools or in Flamenco show. These flamenco skirts are totally made in Spain with high quality materials.

  • Girls Flamenco Skirt
    Girls Flamenco Skirt

    Girls flamenco Skirt

    Flamenco skirt for girls, available in many different colours. You can choose your perfect skirt with and without godets or ruffles and in many different colours and sizes. These flamenco skirts for girls are handmade using the best products of the market. In El Rocío we have a great range of famenco skirts for girls to dance flamenco and sevillanas. You can wear these skirts in flamenco dancing schools or at flamenco shows and parties. We have many different types of rociera skirts: plain, with polka dots, with godets, with ruffles.

  • Dance Flamenco Dresses
    Dance Flamenco Dresses

    Dance Flamenco Dresses

    El Rocio catalogue include a wide variety of dance Flamenco dresses. You will find the authentic flamenco dance dresses at very low prices. High quality flamenco dance costume also used for other salon dance types for amateur practice and for professional use.
  • Flamenco Dancing Trousers
    Flamenco Dancing Trousers
    Flamenco pants for dancing and practicing. All the flamenco trousers we have are really flexible and comfortable. Choose your size taking into account their flexibility.
  • OUTLET Flamenco Skirt
    OUTLET Flamenco Skirt
  • Flamenco Sets
    Flamenco Sets
    Special Flamenco dance set, get a 5 % off if you buy the skirt and the top together
  • Dance Maillots
    Dance Maillots
    Dance Maillots
  • Flamenco Practice Skirt, Model 115
    30,00 €

    Flamenco SkirtsFlamenco Practice Skirt - LAST ITEMS IN STOCK Classic practice skirt for flamenco dance, made of extra silk stitch and slim fitted with a waistband up the hip and a ruffle in the lower part.  This skirt is specially designed for women dancers. We have this skirt in two different colours: black and red. These flamenco skirts give to...

  • Flamenco Skirt, Model Salon, High Waist
    42,90 €

    Flamenco Skirt High Waist - SalónFlamenco Dance Skirt High Waist Ref-1151434 This Flamenco skirt for dance is made of silk stitch and it has two ruffles in the lower part of the skirt with a lateral rising. These originals skirts of flamenco dancers are perfectly slim-fitted up to the knee to stylize woman's figure. This model is very fashionable and...

  • Velvet Flamenco Skirt in colours - SPECIAL PROMOTIONS
    45,90 €

    Velvet Flamenco Skirt in coloursVelvet Flamenco Skirts For Women - Ref: ER61EF-2524New colours Velvet flamenco skirt with high waist and oblique. This is a pretty model perfectly slim-fitted up to the knee to stylize woman's figure and it has a double high-waist tightly-fitted to the hips but you can wear it as a normal waist too, as you prefer. It has on...

  • Flamenco Skirt
    96,90 €

    Flamenco SkirtFlamenco Skirts - Ref: 61EF1292-SNew flamenco skirt high waist with 3 godets to get better movements in flamenco dance. This is a beautiful model with a nice flower prints, they are perfectly slim-fitted up to the knee to stylize woman's figure and it has a double high-waist tightly-fitted to the hips but also, you can wear it as a normal...

  • Leotard for Flamenco Dance
    29,95 €

    Leotard for Flamenco Dance Leotard for Woman with Open Back and Crossed Straps- REF: 2603144MERYLA modern Leotard for Flamenco Dance. It has a rounded neckline and an open back with zig-zag straps that made the illusion for a more closed back. It has two wide straps on the shoulders and a closed Neckline. All of this modernizes the look and makes it...

  • Flamenco Dress Bailaora With Godets
    169,00 €

    Flamenco Dress BailaoraDress for professional flamenco with godets, flounce with cape and a half combined in stitch and crepe. Ideal for dancing schools

  • Flamenco Dress mod E-4286
    182,90 €

    Flamenco DressFlamenco costume made of crepe and single stitch; it features a rounded neckline at the front and the back. It fits to the hips with 8 paddles, 8 godets and a fullness of 3 capes. It is made of colorful crepe at the front and single stitch at the back.

  • Flamenco costume for dancing E-4393
    225,00 €

    Flamenco costume for dancingFlamenco dancing costume with a strapless design, braces that fit to the neck and naked back. This flamenco dress cames with two colours and it fits to the thigh.

  • Flamenco Dancing costume E-4454 (knitting-crape)
    165,00 €

    Flamenco Dancing costumeFlamenco dancing dress with braces that fit to the neck and a V shaped neckline. This costume fits to the thigh with 3 big ruffles in the lower part. It also combines 3 patterns of different colours.

  • Flamenco Skirt, Model EF008
    44,90 €

    Flamenco Skirt For GirlsFlamenco skirts For Girls - Ref: 61EF0083Flamenco dancing skirt with half-cape and a long ruffle at the height of the ankle. This model belongs to the rociera skirt model (a type of flamenco skirts) which is very comfortable, light and perfect for wearing it at flamenco dancing shows and performances. It is available in different...

  • Flamenco skirt mod. EF027
    66,01 €

    Flamenco SkirtFlamenco skirts mof.Ef027 - Ref: 61EF0272Flamenco skirt Happy Dance for flamenco dancing, made in silk stitch. It is a very slim-fitted hips skirt, it has one cape, and normal waist. You can find this skirt in several colours, blue or mostard tones. It is made with a special stitch to obtain a soft touch similar to silk, known as silk...

  • Flamenco Skirt, Model EF052
    46,00 €

    Flamenco SkirtFlamenco skirts - Ref: 61EF0521Flamenco skirt Happy Dance specially designed for women, with godets and flares. Its gliding of one cape completes a fantastic and fashionable design. This flamenco skirt is completely slim-fitted to the hips. Flamenco skirt Happy Dance, model- EF052. This skirt is specially designed for women. It has godets...