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Flamenco Shoes Buleria Sabates 

Flamenco shoes with a very exclusive design. These shoes are different to the others because of its materials and fabrics which these shoes are made. You can add accessories to decorate them and you can personalize these shoes with your name. These shoes are made in Spain by an exclusive designer who works with professional dancers of flamenco d...

  • Flamenco Shoes, Model Pasion Schools
    76,90 €

    Flamenco Dance Shoes  Model Pasión – Unstitched – Glued Sole With Polished Nails, Ref: 91-M21EProfessional Spanish dance shoes to choose in colours black or beige flamenco. The shoes have a double leather sole made of slip Phillies and this model are unstiched. Polished nails in toe and heel bases.

  • Flamenco Shoes, Clasic Professional
    105,00 €

    Flamenco Dance Shoes Professional   Classic Model -Stitched Sole - Polished Nails, Ref: 91-M43 Flamenco shoes Classic Professional, made in black or beige leather. All the materials are of very high-quality. They have reinforced polish nails on heel and toe part of sole.  Buleria Sabates flamenco shoes are hand made in Spain for El Rocio - Flamenco...

  • Professional Flamenco Shoes Model Norte
    139,95 €

    Flamenco Shoes BuleríaProfessional Shoes - Norte In Red Ref-91-M114E Nice Bulería Sabates Flamenco Shoes, Called Norte (North) in red colour, this shoe mixted two diferent materials, "Croco Rojo" and Suede leather. Its a Straps shoes with laces, that makes it ideal and it will fit perfectly for flamenco movement "Taconeo". Its a professional shoe with...

  • Professional shoe mod. Arco - Special
    144,90 €
    Out of stock

    Professional Flamenco Dance Shoe Model Arco Bulería Shoe - Arco - With Nails, Ref: 91-M85E Flamenco dance shoes for professionals, special Arco model. The body of the shoe is made of suede fabric,you can choose different colors and finishes . Being a special model, the details of the shoe can come in any of the special fabrics that appear in the photos....

  • Professional dance shoes Adela
    148,90 €

    Spanish Flamenco shoes For Professional - Adela Adela Flamenco shoes - Ref 91M128EBeautiful Flamenco dance shoes for professionals, model called Adela. This model has a buckle, and is finished in suede fabric, is ocher color and it has the tip covered with leopard. The heels keep the wood structure instead of being covered with fabric, which makes it more...

  • Spanish flamenco shoes for professional
    149,90 €

    Spanish Flamenco shoes For Professional - Luz Luz Flamenco shoes - Ref 91-M64 Beautiful professional Flamenco shoess, called Luz.It has an original design of four colors in suede fabric. The main color of the shoes is red, which predominates in the body and laces. Next we can see several shades of gray that get darker and end in black. Its a professional...

  • Proffesional Flamenco Shoes Sándalo
    149,90 €

    Proffesional Flamenco Shoes - Sandalo Sandalo Flamenco Shoes - Ref 91-M138E An original and colorful professional Flamenco Shoes, called Sandalo. The model has an original and colorful design, in a material reminiscent of snakeskin. In the photo we see the red gleam on the tip of the shoe, and on the heel and part of the ankle, a yellowish beige tone of...

  • Flamenco Shoes For Professional - Rocio
    154,90 €

    Flamenco Shoes For Professional - Rocio Rocio Flamenco Shoe - Ref 91-M120 An original and pretty professional Flamenco Shoe, called Rocio. This is an elegant Buleria Sabates shoe it's our best seller with an original design with black leather in the back of the shoe and on its strap, and beige colour with flower laces on the toe and on the heels. This...

  • Professional Flamenco Dance Shoes - Gala Model
    139,90 €

    Professional Flamenco Dance Shoe Gala Model - Ref 91-M10E A really original professional Flamenco Shoes called Gala. This wonderful Buleria Sabates shoe is our best seller with its original design with bordeaux suede leather in the main part and a special leather "red snake" in the instep area. This flamenco shoes has shoelaces which makes it ideal for...

  • Professional Flamenco Shoe Teja
    132,90 €

    Professional Flamenco Shoe Teja Flamenco Shoes Teja - With Nails, Ref: 91-M94E An original Professional dance Shoe called Teja. This wonderful Buleria Sabates shoe is new collection with its design that combines two fabrics. In the photograph we can see the shoes Teja with red leather and the toe and heel of black suede leather with white dots. The...

  • Professional Flamenco Shoes Fresa Model
    139,00 €

    Professional Flamenco Shoes Fresa Model Professional Shoes Fresa - With Nails, Ref: 91-M118 An original Professional Shoe for woman called Fresa. This elegant Buleria Sabates shoe is new collection with its pierced leather design. In the photograph you can see the shoes Fresa bicolor with the instep area in white color and the toe and heel of the same...

  • Delta Flamenco Shoes For Professional
    154,90 €

    Flamenco Shoes For Professional Delta Professional Shoe 91-M127 A pretty Flamenco Shoe special for professional flamenco dancer, called Delta. This shoe it has a really original design with spanish dots. On the picture you will see a black suede with white leather dots and white heel. This flamenco shoes has one strap that makes it ideal for dance, it...