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Girls Flamenco Dress 2015 

  • Flamenco Jackets For Girl F-115
    39,00 €

    Flamenco JacketsFlamenco Jackets for little girls, it a short and flamenco jackets in serveral colours, its has neckline and elbow length sleeves with two ruffles. It is the perfect to completed your girls flamenco look with smart and simple design. Flamenco Jackets for girls designed by dew and manufactured in Spain for our stores in Malaga and Granada...

  • Flamenco skirts girl Tamara
    80,01 €

    Flamenco Skirt For GirlsFlamenco skirts for girl, called Tamara in Bordeaux colour and floral pattern with blue accents, it has two ruffles combined two kind of ruffles, one with flowers and the other one with blue and white dots. You can complete your flamenco skirts flamenco Tamara girl blouse white with V-neck, sleeves above the elbow with two flyers....

  • Flamenco dress girl Aurora
    130,00 €

    Flamenco Dress For GirlsFlamenco dresses for girls model Aurora, this nice flamenco dress for little girls has four ruffles with a lateral raise, the sleeves above the elbow has a flounced with embroidery on the edges. These spanish flamenco is crafted in beige color and combines flowers ruffles printed with beige roses and pink piculina.

  • Flamenco Dress For Girls Gala
    68,99 €

    Flamenco DressFlamenco dress for girls, its a short dress with three ruffles. This flamenco dress is short sleeves with three ruffles that combined blue and small white dots, and white and big blue dots, they are made in blue with white dots on the sides and nd white with blue spots in the center.

  • Flamenco blouses white girl Tamara
    40,00 €

    Flamenco Blouses For GirlsBlouses for girls - Ref:1742815Flamenco blouses For Little Girls are made in white and beige. The flamenco blouse has elbow length sleeves with two flounced an V neckline with frills. Flamenco blouses for girls designed by dew and manufactured in Spain for our stores in Malaga and Granada and buy online. This year we have a...

  • Flamenco Dress Girl Verdiales
    115,00 €

    Flamenco Dress For GirlsFlamenco Dresses for Girls called Verdiales. This beautiful flamenco dress is in red with white dots and flower prints in some ruffles it have sleeves below the elbow with two flounces. This dress has four ruffles and mixed with red and white dots and another ruffle with floral print. You can completed your purchase with our...

  • Flamenco Dress Girl Olalla
    139,00 €

    Flamenco Dress For GirlsFlamenco dress for girls, called Olalla its a pink flamenco dress with four ruffles. This long irls flamenco dress is in pink with beige dots and embroidery all over the dress, with half sleeves and V-neck, each ruffle has been incorporated piculina beige and above the flyers have a tape lace beige color. Flamenco dress for girls...

  • Flamenco Dress Girl Caña
    95,00 €

    Flamenco Dress For GirlsFlamenco dresses for girls called Caña. This Flamenco Dress is short with three ruffles with lateral rise, the sleeves are above the elbow and has with two flounces and v-neck. This made with a floral print and dark blue background and white dots, before starting the flyers has a burgundy trimmings, and it also incorporates at the...

  • Flamenco Dress girl 2016 Salinas
    121,00 €

    Flamenco Dress For GirlsIts a long Flamenco dress for girls with four ruffles starting on the waist. The flamenco dress has shor sleeves above the elbow. Its a light blue color with navy smalls dots, it also has embroidered in navy blue al over the body and the ruffles.

  • Flamenco Dress Girl Compás
    102,00 €

    Flamenco Dress For GirlsFlamenco dresses for girls long dress called Compas, this flamenco dress is in red colour with white dots, elbow length sleeves with two flounces have the same decoration as the skirt. you can see a embroidery on the sleeves and at the beging of the ruffles The shawl is not included in the price.

  • Flamenco dress girl Hinojo
    140,00 €

    Vestido Hinojo de niñaREF: 1732324Flamenco dresses girl Fennel beige and light blue color, is made with lace in beige and flying light blue double piculina has four ruffles and sleeves are above the elbow with a steering wheel in blue with piculina and other lace beige, neck is in peak form.

  • Girls Flamenco Dress Carmin
    109,00 €

    Girls Flamenco Dress Girl flamenco dress 2016 short, called Carmine, this nice dress in beige with turquoise ruffles, this flamenco dresses are high rise waist with three ruffles and half sleeves with a nice flounced and this Spanish dress has a V-neckline. Flamenco dress for girls designed by dew and manufactured in Spain for our stores in Malaga and...